Track Day Recollection: Running Sonoma Sub 2

Hi there Guys and Gals and welcome to this month’s TDR! Today’s installment is a special one for us here at FJD Performance because we finally broke the 2 minute mark at Sonoma Raceway! Woohoo!

Lets start with an overview of the day shall we? This past weekend was a pre NASCAR weekend AND Trans Am, GASS and USTCC were all sharing Sonoma alongside NASA Nor Cal, so it was packed tighter than a can of sardines! Luckily enough our paddock buddy, Dave Gordon, has a good relationship with Darrel Anderson – and this event was a special one for a close friend of theres – so we got to use the American V8 Supercar garage atop of the hill. Spoiled, lavish life for sure!

Throughout the day we had loads of fun, and got to experience the packed weekend due to Trans Am. We met Michele Abbate – who is super chill, down to earth and makes you feel like you’ve known each other for years – ran into Kevin Patten who was helping out with Dig Motorsports and their run in Trans Am, and caught up with Roger Eagleton who was running for Dig that weekend. In addition to the racecars and friends we also checked out some of the shops around Sonoma like McGee Motorsports which had a bunch of awesome classic racecars like a 70 Boss 302, 66 Shelby GT350, 60’s Torino GT, 80’s Audi Quattro (the Group B one) and a bunch of stock cars and late 60’s Camaros to name a few.

Now on to the track time. We shared 2 of our 4 sessions with the TT group, but during the first session there was a miscommunication  as to which group was being sent out. This little hiccup led to the people in front of group 4 (Dave and us) getting mixed in with the TT group. However, we were completely fine with that because it allowed us to really get going and solidify a good lap before catching traffic. That first session actually awarded us with our fastest time of the day, and new PB of 1:57.846, so we finally broke the 2s! Second session out we set our 2nd fastest time of 1:58.576 which was recorded on the gopro. During this 2nd session though we ran into a rather concerning problem. What the issue is, we don’t know yet, but it’s safe to assume the vibration we were getting from hard braking into 7/7A and 11 is from suspension or brakes. Some ideas are maybe warped rotors, bad hubs, something loose in the suspension, or a bad strut. We will work on the car later in the week to diagnose, but for now our schedule is clear until September, so in that time frame we should be able to find and fix the issue in addition to getting the cage in the car!

For now enjoy some photos from Raceline Photography, and potentially additional photos from west boundary to be added at a later date.












Here is our 2nd fastest time of the day

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