Track Day Recollection: Buttonwillow Raceway Park

Hey there guys and gals! FJD Performance is finally back from an amazing weekend including IMSA at Long Beach, the 33rd annual Fabulous Fords Forever car show, and a private track day event put on by Terrence Washington of Signature Wheel, not to mention he has a bad ass 2017 lightning blue GT350R!

We started this journey at 320AM Friday morning, and headed to So Cal for Fabulous Fords. The weekend was great and we met and made lots of friends, but you’re not here for a Fab Fords recap, you’re here for a recap from a track day!

First session out we tried to get a feel for the track and immediately we came to the conclusion that this track SUCKS, and what we mean by that is that this track is VERY tough and requires a well prepped car. One with plenty of HP, is light and has a great set of brakes. Which, by the way, we aren’t there yet.

Second and third sessions we did get a groove in and figured a good portion of the track out and had a fantastic time being there, so thanks to the track stang community for reaching out to FJD Performance and inviting us!

We set a fasted lap time of 2:20:853 and hit 103mph on the track twice. Luckily for us we had an amazing photographer, Robert Gluckman, there at Buttonwillow to snap great action shots!















and of course here are a couple links to our fastest run on board and from the quarter window.


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