New Parts! (Modifications): Christmas Special

The possibilities of getting presents from family is a lot less in comparison to being sub 15 years old as it is now being in my mid 20’s, so you have to sometimes be your own Santa. FJD Performance got our hands on a Ford Racing Sparco steering wheel and NRG 3.0 quick release for the Mare and boy do we love this thing! Check this bad boy out!

Yes we are aware that we “disposed” of a rather rare OEM Ford item (another little write up on that later), but there was no better time than now to make this much needed, and eventual upgrade.

We picked up this Ford Performance Boss 302S/Cobra Jet wheel from LMR, and put it under the for about 2 weeks until the time was right (if you know what we mean).





the new wheel is not only newer, but smaller, weights less, and has a better connection to the steering shaft as opposed to the 10th anniversary wheel.



unfortunately we do have the “air bag” light on, but it’s not the end of the world, and once we get a new cluster it wont pose any further problems; for now just enjoy the remaining pictures, and get comfortable with experiencing a little bit of jealousy.







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