Track Day Recollection: Thunderhill West 10.29

FJD Performance had a phenomenal day today out at Thunderhill Raceway West with EDC Motorwerks. We are proud to know that The Dad Car of EDC Motorwerks put down an astonishing time of 1:40:XXX as well and possibly even a 1:39!

We on the other hand suffered from some issues. One of the issues was that the congestion of cars in the group we ran in as well as the heat. Second the biggest issue we had, and this was new to us, is the Mare kept overheating coming to the middle of session 2 and continued into session 3. we planned to run a total of 5 of the 7 sessions today, but we decided to keep it to 3. We also were not able to break into the 130s, but we did get a very low 140

The interesting piece is that we were just at Thunderhill in August with a high for the day of 95 and we ran all of the sessions. The car never once went above “M” of normal, yet today we were at “L” and the high was only 85. Regardless we had a fantastic day and can’t wait for Laguna Seca in 3 weeks.

Enjoy all these unbelievably, beautiful photos from the event today all courtesy of Joe Salas of 4theriders and are owned by him.











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