Modifications: Bullitt Rear End Swap

Back when FJD Performance was still based at our home location in Hayward, CA we got to installing our~120K mile Bullitt rear end with factory 3.27 gears. The swap was straight forward, and fairly quick, but is definitely a swap recommended doing with 2 people instead of one!

When we first picked up the rear end it was in rough visual appearance. Frant took to sanding and painting as well as fixing the dust shields as they had been dented and disfigured from the rear end being previously stored outside. Nothing a good hour or so didnt help!












Obviously if you find yourself in a position where you’re taking out the rear end on your car you should probably replace and/or rebuild parts like your diff, sway bar, control arms, bushings, etc. The Bullitt rear being from a 99-04 style car does give you an extra 3/4″ on each side of the diff which gives you a very nice flush look with specific wheel combinations and some much needed track width.

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