Custom Modifications: Ford Racing C-Spring Coil Cut

Coil cutting! The cheap and easy way to lower your ride! NOT RECOMMENDED!!

We had the Mare sitting on Ford Racing C-springs for a long time both with and without the polyurethane isolaters, and even though the elimination of the isolaters lowered the car about an extra quarter or so of an inch, we wanted “more low”. How could we do this cheaply? Well we cut an entire coil from the rear springs which would lower us about an extra half inch . DO NOTE: if you cut your springs you are increasing the spring rate since it has less travel and other geometry reasons that can be described in a more politically correct way. For visual reading purposes this would equate to say a 250lb spring rate increasing to say 300lb spring rate. These numbers are fairly inaccurate, but for sake of this post that should give the readers an idea of what we’re talking about.

First you must raise the booty
Also make sure you block the front wheels from movement and use a set of jacks


Pull out the springs and make sure you know where and how much you want to cut off. We don’t remember off the top of our head the actual difference in height per coil, but we will say for this post that one full coil is half an inch.


We DO NOT recommend taking a picture of yourself cutting and using a dremel. But by all means if someone else is get up in there like reporters and camera men and women do. We totally back you up for invading personal privacy. #NoSuchThingAsAPersonalBubble



You may have to come from different angles when cutting the spring itself, but the most important thing is to remember that you’re exposing metal. And what do you do after you expose metal? Paint it! That’s right class!



Next, wait until the paint dries and stuff those springs back into the car. They should fit in even easier than before since they’re now shorter. Bolt everything back up, torque to spec, and enjoy a lowered car and an increased ride stiffness! Later on you can question yourself why you didn’t just go with coilovers.





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