Custom Modifications: Side Exhaust

When the Mare first was bought in 2013 we went with some magnaflow 4×9 oval mufflers and went with 4″ tips: once of which is still on the car today. Over these 5 years of ownership the Mare has undergone 3 different exhaust setups outside of OEM.

  • OEM 6 cat H pipe with stock 2.5″ pipes
  • Magnaflow 4×9 oval mufflers and 4″ tips (w/ 6 cat H pipe & Magnaflow O/R X pipe)
  • Magnaflow 4×9 oval mufflers with dumps & O/R X pipe
  • Magnaflow 4×9 oval mufflers with custom side pipes & O/R X pipe (Ver 1 & 2)

Setup 1
While this setup was the first one we did on the car, and it sounded great, 4″ tips was WHEY (see what we did there?) too big for the car. We had 3.5″ tips on the Black Stallion, Frank’s old 98 PI GT, which also had the same Magnaflow mufflers and a Pypes Hi-Flow Catted X pipe. We have been going to Minute Muffler in Dublin since we got the Mare, so you could call this our home shop for exhaust work and other misc. welding jobs on the car.





Setup 2
With the 2nd setup we wanted something different and louder, although in retrospect dumping the exhaust may not have been much louder, but this was definitely one of the more fun setups we’ve had. Dumps aren’t really that exciting so…just…here’s some pics





Setup 3 (Ver 1)
We had come across a rare and unique Ford item off CL one day, and when we noticed it was still available a few months after we saw it, Frank knew he had to have it. That item is what you guys know as the carbon fiber SVO side skirt we run on the Mare. We had the skirts on the car for a little while before we got the actual piping done, and when we did finally get them done we had went with dual offset 3.5″ tips (we later realized that the tips were just… a bit too big).




As you guys can kind of see the routing of the pipes utilize the offset from the oval mufflers unlike the typical SVO/Roush side skirts where the inlet and outlet are on the same side of the muffler. With this custom set up it allowed us to run full length sub-frame connectors on the Mare as well as add some more weight to the rear of the car since the pipes route back towards the SRA.









Ver 2
In the 2nd itteration of our setup we swapped from the 3.5″ dual offset tips to dual, non-offset 3″ tips which fit the side skirt opening better, so hopefully no more destroying the inside of the skirts






We will go back and polish up the pipes once we have the new project car hopefully in March.

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