Custom Modifications: MM A-Arms with stock K-Member

Since we decided to upgrade the A-Arms along with the front coilover setup we had to make some minor modifications to the OEM K member. Why not just upgrade to a tubular K member you may ask? Well, we aren’t rolling in money and can’t do such a big project in a weekend and expect the car to be running fine for the upcoming week. So modifications!

MM states that you have to measure about an inch and a quarter from the center of the inner A-Arm bolt hole. You can mark the distance with a sharpie or a paint pen. Just make sure you clean the area a bit since there is oil, dirt, and other types of road grime.



You can use a saw or an angle grinder to complete this job, but we used a dremel and cutting wheels. This did take some time, yes, and we did use quite a few cutting wheels, but we still got the job done. Do be aware it’s a good idea to wear: eye protection, a mask or cover for your face so you don’t breathe in any metal, and a long sleeve of sorts. Also expect to be laying down if you’re doing this on the ground, driveway, or garage.



After cutting the K member make sure you have some paint laying around since you do not want to leave the metal exposed. We sprayed it with some high temp black paint from autozone.


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