Custom Modifications: Fog Light Ducts

Wanting to still have fog lights for daily driving purposes and yet still run ducting from the fog light was a interesting idea, but one that could be obtained somewhat easily. This idea was snatched from the Dodge Hellcat which uses a headlight as a duct for the intake. We started off looking for lights off ebay that would of still maintained a “corona ring”, if you will, and had an inner piece that could be removed. After some searching we found some lights off ebay that would fit the fog light openings on the Cobra bumper perfectly and the development was under way.

We sent the parts to our in house tech, Will, over at FJD Performance’s shop HQ, and he quickly got to making them work. The fog light ducts were a complete plug and play due to the utilization of the 893 bulb harness and the OEM bracket was slightly modified to help make them fit. The ducts had great use both on the streets and the track, but ultimately the light portion of them failed due most likely to being a cheap Chinese product. While they lasted they did look totally bitchin’!












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